2018 Women’s March

By Kaitlyn B. This year’s Women’s March happened on Saturday, January 20. Following last years’ march, groups of people, women especially, gathered in towns and cities all around the world. These marchers focused on policies regarding human rights, including women’s, immigration, LGBTQ+, and reproductive rights. Racial equality and […]

DHS Mid-Term Exams

  On Tuesday, January 16th, DHS students will begin taking their Mid-term exams. From now until next Friday, many will be studying hard to prepare for the exams. Many teachers give out study guides to let students know what kind of material will be on the test. These […]

A Chilly Start to 2018

By Alex B. A blizzard, frozen flooding, and (almost) record low temperatures–what a way to start off the new year! This vicious cold snap has not only victimized New England, but the entire East Coast and beyond. Many decade- and century-old records have been tied and broken this […]

Letters from DHS Seniors

By: Brooke S Seniors taking English class with fellow teacher Mrs. Ciccarelli were asked to write a letter answering the following prompt: “What do you hope to see in the year 2018?” They then signed the letters with their name and a adjective of their choice. These are […]

Top 5 Versions of A Christmas Carol

By Daniel F. “A Christmas Carol” is an iconic film with many adaptations. Based off of Charles Dickens’ book of the same name, the story revolves around Ebenezer Scrooge, who is visited by four ghosts on Christmas Eve. These ghosts, his former business partner Jacob Marley, the Ghost […]

Top 5 Family Christmas Movies

The holiday season is associated with being a time for families to be together. In honor of that, here are the top 5 family Christmas movies. “The Polar Express” “The Polar Express” tells the tale of a young boy (Daryl Sabara) who is questioning Santa’s existence. On Christmas […]