March 2018 Storms

March 2018 has proven to be more like a lion than a lamb this year as three Storms have hit New England hard as of March 16th, and now forecasts predict a 4th storm may hit in the coming week. The first storm, which hit New England on […]

Ask Andy #2

  Do you have some studying tips? Thanks If you know you have a test, whether its tomorrow or next week, just automatically assume you are staying after with that teacher as many times as you can (or they can tolerate). The teachers here at DHS are incredibly […]

Winter Sports Recap 2017-2018

Duxbury Boys Basketball: The Duxbury Basketball boys finished their season with a record of 3-19.   Duxbury Girls Basketball: The Duxbury Basketball girls finished their season with a regular season record of 14-7. They lost to Nauset in the second round of the MIAA Division 2 South Playoffs. […]

How Creative Are the DHS Classes?

High school is supposed to be where students find their creative sides. Duxbury High School is no exception. Four polls were sent to each grade, asking whether or not they thought their grade was creative, why did they think that, and if they or someone they knew did […]

The Beautiful South Shore

By Kaitlyn B. The South Shore is an excellent place to live, and theres unique beauty covering pratically every inch of it. Everyone in the area is lucky to live here, because we can enjoy all the gorgeous scenery surrounding us at any time of year. These are a […]

Ask Andy #1

Do you have any good book recommendations? This question was a class effort. Got a variety of responses such as:   Precious Gifts by Danielle Steel   Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple   Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Days by Salman Rushdie   Tuesdays with […]

Wicked Good Cause

Cancer and extreme illness continues to turn the lives of patients and their families upside down, but this Duxbury based charity will put an end to this suffering. Wicked Good Cause is a charity that helps assist families affected by major illnesses. “Only 4% of Government funds go to […]

2018 Women’s March

By Kaitlyn B. This year’s Women’s March happened on Saturday, January 20. Following last years’ march, groups of people, women especially, gathered in towns and cities all around the world. These marchers focused on policies regarding human rights, including women’s, immigration, LGBTQ+, and reproductive rights. Racial equality and […]