Letter from the (New) Editors

By Brooke M, Ashton B, and Maggie C

Ashton, Brooke, and Maggie
Ashton, Brooke, and Maggie

New leaders call for change and new policies. As the new editors of the Duxbury High School Dragon Flyer, we strive to lead our staff in a new direction for the upcoming year.

Having learned many new concepts from our former editors, we will build off what we learned and add our own ideas. A school paper is an essential way for students to express their ideas. We want our staff to find the latest news, and accurately report it. Accuracy and prominence are key concepts we hope to achieve in our paper. By having clear, concise articles our paper will report the facts of  DHS.

The past few weeks have been a blur. We continue to learn the how-to’s of being exceptional editors as we prepare for the upcoming school year. Fortunately for us, ideas for next year’s paper are abundant. We plan on reporting relevant news that matters to DHS and assure the student body that reporting stories that matter to them in the Dragon Flyer will be our top priority. Believe it or not, we really want students to like the paper. After all, it is made for them. We also plan on using the new website to publish news faster and more efficiently. Ideally we will be posting on the site at least once a week as opposed to the monthly online publications of past years.

As we are fast approaching the end of the current school year, I highly doubt that anyone reading this is thinking about the things they are planning on accomplishing in the coming months in order to make the 2013/2014 school year as successful as possible. As editors though, that is all we are really thinking about. Matt Griffin, Morgan Gisholt Minard, Matt Tonis, and Drew Lawrence all did a fantastic job in laying the groundwork, and we are looking to keep the Dragon Flyer’s current success consistent . As we write this article, the class is currently in the process of making an entirely new website that will be much easier to access, and I [Maggie C.] am working on getting the @dhsdragonflyer twitter password from Tonis. By the time this is published hopefully we will have accomplished both of these things, and be able to interact with our readers as much as possible. As a group we plan on being more compelled to report what people are interested in, even if it is controversial.  With that (and tears in our eyes over the loss of our seniors) we are finished and thank this past year’s editors for being the best anyone could ask for. Happy Summer everybody! See you next year!

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