Michaela Abbott Begins Career Four Days after Graduation

MichaelaA portrait
Michaela Abbott, professional journalist

One day can change a life.

Michaela Abbott, former Dragon Flyer journalist and graduate of the Class of 2013, learned this on Wednesday, June 5 when she decided to investigate the current controversy regarding plovers and the closing of Duxbury Beach.



Michaela attended a meeting about the beach closing and said, “I also got to stand shoulder to shoulder with people from Fox News and The Patriot Ledger” while they interviewed Town Manager, Rene Read.

Michaela got to ask a few questions and said, “They even thought I was a professional freelance reporter.”

Michaela then wrote an article, offered it to local news sources, and received an acceptance from the Kingston Journal. In fact, the Journal even signed her as a reporter who will regularly write articles for their online publication.

Within 24 hours of her article’s publication, the editor of the Kingston Journal informed Michaela that it had received “1,600 reads, 260 likes, [and] 12 retweets” which was the “most traffic ever for The Journal”

Michaela started the day as a DHS graduate and ended it as a professional journalist saying, “Look what happens all in a day of hard work!”

Click here to read Michaela’s article.

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