Field House Frenzy

Lt. Tim Steele Field House
Lt. Tim Steele Field House

By: JP O’Neil

With the construction of the new Lieutenant Tim Steele Field House being complete, students of Duxbury High School are  finally able to see what caused the loss of parking spots this year.

The field house was dedicated to Lt. Steele at 11 a.m. Saturday, September 7th. Steele, a 2004 graduate of Duxbury High School, was killed in action in Afghanistan on August 3rd, 2011. Senior Kevin D said “Lt. Tim Steele was a distinguished member of our military, he gave his life protecting our freedom, and I think that dedicating something like that to him is the least we could do and I think he deserves it.”

The field house is located behind the School right next to the turf. “I think it’s extremely convenient because when you walk out of the school you’re going to pass the field house on your way to the turf anyway” said Senior Sam B.

The field house is locked during school hours and is only open after 2:50. Senior Chris H said “You can’t put your stuff in before school so bringing home equipment to wash can be problematic during the week.”  The field house also has a concession stand open at each home game.

The field house includes two large locker rooms, one for the girls and one for the boys, and a gym. The new lockers are aligned in “U” shaped patterns instead of the classic rows. Junior Madison V said, “they’re a lot nicer, they’re clean, and there is more room.” Senior Caroline O said  “They are good for some team bonding and decorating lockers.”

The lockers are big enough to fit backpacks and other athletic equipment. “The old lockers wouldn’t close so people could just go in your lockers and take stuff, all of the new lockers work so its a nice change,” said Sam.

Kevin said, “The only negative thing I can say about [the field house] is that you’re not divided by grade anymore and I enjoyed that about the old locker room but I’d definitely say they’re definitely an improvement for the better.”

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