Respect the Restrooms

DHS bathroom picture for article
Boys’ Bathroom

By: Peter C.

Among the student body, the bathrooms at Duxbury High School are widely considered a huge problem. Many [students] are unhappy with the sanitation of these bathrooms, and await the opening of the new high school, with hopes of a more hospitable restroom experience.

While some believe the restrooms should be cleaned more often and more thoroughly, Senior Luke M. believes the students here at DHS are failing to do their part. “I’ve seen kids completely miss,” Luke said.

Luke was not the only one that was fed up with the status of the restrooms at DHS, Dragon TV teacher Joseph Ferguson said the student bathrooms are “definitely an issue,” Senior Michael M. went as far to say the bathrooms are “disgusting,” and Senior Will B. agreed, he rarely goes to the bathroom because they are not clean.

Not only are the men’s bathrooms an issue, many females were extremely vocal regarding the status of their bathrooms as well. Junior Madison V. revealed that “in the girl’s bathroom in the english wing, there is a door missing.”

Junior Maggie C. recently discovered a “strategically placed outfit” scattered on the floor in the girls’ bathroom in the english wing, completely unattended to. Clearly, the girls’ bathroom in the english wing seems to be the epitome of a disgrace. Junior Ali B. witnessed the outfit later that day, she said “I saw it hanging on the bathroom stall.”

Although many students don’t treat these bathrooms nicely at all and do not enjoy visiting them, a few students feel differently. Junior Tara C. said “They’re not that bad,” and Junior Tucker K. said “some of the bathrooms are rather clean.”

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