X- Treme Tardies

Many students question the new tardy policy.
Many students question the new tardy policy.

By: Monica D.
The Duxbury High School Administration recently announced a new school policy known as an “Extreme Tardy.” According to Assistant Principal, Mr. Talbot, if a student arrives past 9:15 they either have to have a note that explains the tardy or a phone call from a parent or guardian. If they do not have either they have to sit in Mr. Talbot’s office until they are able to contact the student’s parents and find out the reason for the tardy

DHS Senior Luke M. experienced the new policy first hand on September 9th. “It seems extreme, especially if you’re already eighteen. I don’t like it and if your mom does not answer the phone at first you don’t know if he’ll [Mr. Talbot] let you go to class,” said Luke. An anonymous teacher said, “holding a kid in the office until someone’s able to reach their parents seems redundant, they’re just missing more class time.” The new policy is not resented by all. Senior Meg M., who serves on the Handbook Revision Committee said, “The real world has deadlines, and the school is just trying to prepare us for that. If you don’t show up to your job on time you’ll get fired, this policy is just encouraging structure.”
The policy has been put in place in order to help students, as well as the administration. Mr. Kennedy said, “It’s hard to remember back to all of the excused absences come May, but with this policy it is all taken care of up front so students don’t have to worry about getting all of their tardy excuses together before prom.”
Whether it is the extreme title, or the policy itself, Extreme Tardies are producing a lot of buzz in the halls. Only time will tell if an “extreme tardy” will have a lasting impact.

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