A Music Prodigy?

Duxbury High School Senior Christian D, recently received a National Honor Band award. Christian plays the Baritone in DHS’s wind ensemble. All over the nation, students who made their state band had the opportunity to try out for National Honor Band.

Christian spent four days rehearsing with the National Honor Band in the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Dow performed a concert in Nashville, Tennessee, with the other students whom were accepted to the program.

When asked how the award affected him, Christian said, “Well it’s been a goal of mine to get into this group and it’s a special opportunity, I feel very lucky to be a part of.”

Christian was not only excited to receive this honor, but he also hopes people realize how much fun music can be from his experience, Christian hopes to inspire other students interest in music.

When asked how he felt upon receiving the award Christian said, “I felt like it did not even happen. I was on a mission trip in West Virginia when I got the news. It was a surprise. I was very happy and excited.”  When asked how his family reacted Christian said “my family was very happy for me. My mom and little sister Alexis are coming to see the concert in Nashville.”

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