Breadboard: The Yummy Elective

By Chloe B.

The sign soon to be shown in the window of the Breadboard classroom
The sign soon to be shown in the window of the Breadboard classroom

During the last week of September, Duxbury High School’s Breadboard will be open to the upperclassmen. A favorite elective for many students, Breadboard teaches the correct procedures for preparing and serving food.

As an elective option for juniors and seniors, Breadboard works as a student-run restaurant serving only the upperclassmen. During lunch periods three, four, five and seven, juniors and seniors will be allowed to go to Breadboard and sit down to eat.

The student chefs are busy in the preparation for the opening of Breadboard. According to top chef and teacher, Ms. O’Brien, [the students] are “spending a lot of time understanding how to safely prepare store and serve food to our student-customer base.”

Although Breadboard does have to follow the guidelines for healthy and nutritious food, the students still manage to come up with some great meals that everyone enjoys. Current Breadboard student Junior Maddy L. said, “People suggest food that they think will sell, and we make sure it fits the guidelines.”

The students of Breadboard come up with their own food ideas, including some traditional favorites. According to Senior Katie S., the young chefs decide what to make based on the weather and time of year. They also find out what the students enjoy at the time.

“Buffalo chicken is a favorite flavor,” said Ms. O’Brien. “We also make our own guacamole. We make a lot of ways for kids to eat their veggies but with some fun dips.” Maddy L. said, “All the food is really good and surprisingly really healthy too!”

Along with being a fun elective for students, Ms. O’Brien hopes that many of the students leave with a good understanding of how to make their own food. “Individuals and young adults should be self-sufficient,” she stated. “They should know to cook for themselves in a way that is economical and nutritious.

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