Dux Soc Vs Dux Fock

As the banners hang in DHS gym, the rivalry between the girls soccer and field hockey team, grows stronger every year.
As the banners hang in DHS gym, the rivalry between the girls soccer and field hockey team, grows stronger every year.

The rivalry between The Duxbury High School field hockey team and soccer team has always been intense. With the start of the 2013 season students should expect things to start heating up.

“The rivalry started way before I was on varsity, and has been carried on for years,” Senior Jillian W. said. She also said “ Field hockey and soccer are the two most popular girls fall sports, so the competition comes naturally.”

The rivalry is considered a joke to most, but lately there has been hurt feelings among the underclass men and juniors. “ The rivalry makes people more stressed, and people get very worked up about it,” Senior Megan Z. said. The rivalry has been getting more stressful throughout the season. “ We are both really good teams, but sometimes we go over the top to ‘win’,” Junior Logan S. said.

“The younger grades are really getting hurt by it, and getting caught up in the drama rather than the sports,” Meg Z. said. Sophomores and Juniors stated that they feel it causes more drama. “It is little outrageous,” Sophomore Mere H said.

Males athletes in DHS do not feel any rivalries between their sports immediately disagreed. Senior Ian W said “ No, I never have felt any sort of rivalry or tension between soccer and football, and never think I will be.” When freshman boys were asked about how they felt about the rivalry they had no clueless and stated they didn’t even know there was one. Freshman Luke P. said “ I didn’t even know there was rivalry between any two sports.” And followed up by saying “ I feel boys are too focused on the sports to even think about a rivalry or any sort of drama.”

Much of the competition includes who paints the hill first, outfits on game days, and social media posts. Meg Z. said “ No one competes in anything, Dux Fock just copies Dux Soc.” But on the opposing team, Jillian W said “It is a competition, but no one ever wins. That is why is why the rivalry is still going on today.”

The tension always seems to fade away during playoffs and championships. Senior Ally H. said “ Painting the hill is a competition but at the end of the day we always support each other. Especially during championship games.”

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