Snack Attack

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By: Michelle M

This current 2013-2014 school year, Duxbury High School students have been having more and more difficulty with finding appropriate places and times to snack between breakfast and lunch. Many teachers have chosen to ban snacks from their classroom. This ban is due to students not picking up after themselves and the growing population of mice in the building. Teachers are also allowed to declare their room a “Peanut Free Zone.” Outside of the classroom, food and drinks are also banned in the gymnasium, library and auditorium.

Students who have a majority of third lunches on their schedule are particularly vocal about teachers with no eating policies. Students claim hunger affects their learning abilities in class. Junior Ben C. said, “A lot of [students] need a snack to help them get through the day.” It can also be argued that a snack can help refocus a hungry student and as a result improve the overall class input.

Students who skip breakfast have difficulty in classes with no snacking rules. Skipping breakfast affects both the memory and energy of students and a quick snack can help them refocus.

Junior Kyle H. said “You are not going to learn anything [in class] if you are sitting there hungry.”  Hunger effects student’s ability to focus and learn. Studies show that children who experience hunger early on are more likely to perform poorly academically and require special assistance while in school.

However, students have been known to take snacking to an extreme. Eating an entire lunch during class can distract other students from learning. Junior Coleman H. said he wanted a full course meal every class. DHS math teacher Mr. Sprague usually allows food in his classroom unless it becomes problematic. Mr. Sprague said that the main problem with snacking is students who eat an entire lunch in class. He added, “Mice are a problem when students don’t pick up after themselves.”

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