A Gamer’s Paradise: Grand Theft Auto V

photoAbout a month ago Rockstar North released Grand Theft Auto V on September 17th. The game has broken almost every record concerning video game sales. Last week in the United Kingdom, nine out of every ten games sold was a copy of GTA V. After three days Rockstar confirmed that the game had earned them about $1 billion. Ever since then students have been raving about the game.

There are some spoilers in this article.

The game is filled with so much to do, from cop chases, to doing yoga. The game is brimming with surprises and new experiences that keep you wanting more. Even after beating the game there are still thousands of things to do.

Something as little as jumping off buildings or scuba diving can turn into a three hour extravaganza. Maybe you would like to take a plane, fly thousands of feet into the air and jump out with the intentions of sky diving and you end up parachuting into the military base by accident and end up in a massive firefight with the San Andreas military. Or maybe you might want to do a triathlon. Well you can do that too.

When talking about people’s favorite things to do in the game Senior gamer Jeff W. said, “My favorite thing to do in GTA V is the heist missions.”

The heist missions in GTA V can be the most exciting part of the entire game or they can be the most frustrating experience of your entire life. One wrong decision in the planning of the heist can result in making the mission ten times harder.

In the main storyline of GTA V there are over 70 missions to do. Each and every mission is unique in its own way. Sometimes you might be moving shipping containers at a port in Los Santos while spying on a group of militants on a nearby ship, or you could be chasing down a celebrity in a red Prius with your 18 wheeler through the streets of Los Santos.

Jeff W. said that his favorite mission in the game was robbing a bank and escaping in a juggernaut suit with a mini gun, while on the other hand Senior Sam B. said that his favorite mission was the jewelry heist at the beginning of the game.

In GTA V there are many characters that add so much depth to the game. The main characters of the game, Michael, Franklin and Trevor all very unique and different from one another. Each character has different personality traits and emotions that add detail to the game. The cut scenes in the game make you feel like you are watching an academy award winning movie, and you really feel immersed in the game itself.

Franklin is a genuine character who always has to break up the fights and wants to make something of his life while every other person around him is trying to bring him down.

Michael is a retired failing father and husband who is trying to work out his personal issues.

Then there is Trevor. Trevor Phillips is a crazy lunatic who is driven by anger and loves hurting things. He, like Michael is still trying to solve his personal problems along with some mental problems on the side. Trevor’s craziness is truly ludicrous and adds a lot of humor to the game.

When asked, both Sam B. and Jeff W. said that Trevor was their favorite character in the game.

GTA V is the biggest game Rockstar has ever made. The map of Los Santos and Blaine county is bigger than the maps of GTA: San Andreas, GTA 4, and Red Dead Redemption combined.

There are so many places to go that the fun never ends. Jeff W. said “I love the mountains and nice scenery in Blaine County.  Sam B. said, that his favorite locations in the game are the airport and the boardwalk.

With all the things in GTA V, vehicles are one of the most important things. In the game you can find anything from golf carts to high end sports cars to tanks. Along with the variety of vehicles comes the ability to customize and modify the cars. You can make countless changes to a car making it look like a completely different car in the end. These modifications are not only for looks. You can also put bulletproof tires and armor to defend against those pesky San Andreas Police. Don’t count on surviving a four or five star police chase without a heavily modified car. Sam B. said that his favorite vehicle was the Jet Ski, a great vehicle for traversing the seas with agility. While on the other hand Jeff W. likes to wreak havoc in the buzzard attack helicopter equipped with machine guns and missiles.

GTA V has received a great amount of success across the board. Breaking Sales records was not the only thing the game did it also got one of the highest Metacritic (average of all major video game reviewers around the world) scores ever of a 97. That is a lot of 100’s. Jeff W. agreed with most of the world with a 10/10 and Sam B. thought the game deserved a 9.5/10.

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