Better Rush to the Theaters

Several students viewing the trailer for the new movie, Rush.

By: Mike O.

You don’t need to have a passion for race car driving to appreciate the film Rush.

When you first watch the trailer you may think, “oh I don’t like race car driving” or “I hate action movies” but Rush could never be put into a single category. It’s an inspiring true story not only about Formula One racing but also about love, rivalry, and the willingness to die for victory. You don’t need to love racing to enjoy this touching story.

Chris Hemsworth was great as English ladies man James Hunt. He dueled for the world championship with his highly intelligent rival Niki Lauda, played by Daniel Bruhl. The two had been enemies ever since they met in Formula Three at the beginning of their careers. Their competitiveness only increased as they moved up in divisions. Hemsworth and Bruhl’s chemistry as rival drivers seemed completely natural and believable.

Bruhl depicted Lauda’s concern for risk of death on the track and resentment of Hunt’s reckless attitude perfectly. Hemsworth also portrayed Hunt’s dangerous and quick-witted personality extremely well. Both actors were able to show the lighter sides of their character’s personalities when dealing with the loves of their lives and standing up for people they care about. Hemsworth and Bruhl were a perfect pair.

Those who are fans of driving will also appreciate the intense action sequences. You will feel as if they are in the car with the drivers. The scenes won’t fail to get even the most reluctant viewers’ heart racing.

The movie Rush is very hard to forget. The story of two rivals and their journeys to the Formula One Championship are conflicts that will keep anyone thinking long after leaving the theater. This was a very well done movie and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys films with likeable characters, plenty of action, and a fascinating story.

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