iOS 7

Screenshot of an iPhone home screen with iOS 7 software.
Screenshot of an iPhone home screen with iOS 7 software.

On September 18, 2013, Apple’s new software, iOS 7, was released to the public. There have been mixed reviews on iOS 7, now that most students at Duxbury High School have had their hands on the updated software, many are beginning to share their opinions.

Many students have different preferences regarding iOS 7, and there were a great amount of different features that seemed to be a fan favorite. Junior Madison V. said her favorite feature is the new camera features, and she added that she finds the updated search bar extremely useful as well. Senior Luke M. is not a fan of the overall design of the new software, Luke said it is “straight box” and feels that it deeply resembles the design of a Droid mobile phone. “If I wanted a Droid, I would have bought a Droid,” Luke said. Furthermore, Senior Jake S. has not installed iOS 7 on to his iPhone, because his friends have told him that their phones have not been working as well.

Apple fanatic and Junior at DHS, Matthew J. , managed to look past the design and focus solely on the performance. Although Matthew said the icons need some work, he also said “The functionality it brings makes it more powerful … Functionality trumps design and there is so much more functionality added to the device.”

Junior and current Droid user Austin K. said he will consider switching to an iPhone and abandon his droid, as he is quite flattered with the revamped design of iOS 7.

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