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noname copyOn August 28th Duxbury High School students were informed that every two weeks their teachers are required to update the Student and Parent Portal.The purpose of this new rule is to give students and their parents the opportunity to keep track of grades.This way classes that students are struggling in can be monitored. Upon hearing this news, students were more than happy to have the opportunity to improve their grades.

Freshman Alyssa M. said, “I do like the teachers updating the portal every week because it allows you to view your grades and know what classes you might need help in.” When asked about if updating would be effective or not, Alyssa M. said, “Yes because kids can now log in and see their grade whenever they want to without having to wait for progress reports.”

However, other take the opposite viewpoint.

Senior Ian B. said, “Personally I don’t check it that often and neither do my parents.” In regards to how effective it is, Ian B. said, “Some teachers are too busy” and “I find it to be a misuse of time [for the teachers].”

Some teachers share the same type of worry. Latin teacher Ms.Hart said, “I have mixed feelings, students become more responsible in the fact that they can check [the portal], but they do the minimum because they know they have a good grade.” Ms.Hart spoke highly of the concept of updating the portal every two weeks; She said, “It cuts down on the emails from parents about their grades.”

For teachers who do not have a curriculum where assignments have a specific due date, updated every two weeks could prove to be difficult.

Art and Creative Imaging teacher Mrs.Leydon said, “As far as art, the project might take longer than two weeks.” When asked about how effective updating it would be, she said, “My concern is people aren’t going to check it,” and“We can’t tell if it’s going to be effective at this point.”

The portal will continue to be updated every two weeks throughout the remainder of the year.

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