The Controversies of Hazing

Models: Hannah H and Celia B
Models: Hannah H and Celia B

Hazing has always been considered to be a non existent issue in our country, until recent years. Greek life and sports teams have “rituals” and “tests” that newcomers are put through to see if they are worthy.

This appeared to be fun and games until people get hurt. Many states are adopting the hazing laws because of what is happening in fraternities and sororities. Officer Friend Weiler said “Even professional sports teams experience hazing. The Patriots shave the rookies heads and the Red Sox make their rookies wear kiddie backpacks, it takes place in all levels of society. It’s everywhere.”

Regarding the question of whether our own Duxbury High School has a hazing problem Officer Weiler said, “I think it is a lot better than it used to be, I think the pressure to make people feel as though they have to do something to fit in or do something to gain membership, and i try to talk to the younger kids about it.”

Many DHS students have formed their own opinions on hazing. “It’s stupid and unnecessary,” said junior Becky M. Senior Miranda Van D said “hazings is unacceptable.” She herself has never seen hazing but has heard rumors of incidents around school. Junior Grant G said “I think that it’s inevitable but it needs to stop.”

Hazing controversy has also been seen in the news lately. The entire Cornell Lacrosse team has been suspended this season due to hazing. Now that more people are being affected by hazing, the law is becoming harsher on the perpetrators.

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