Fall Fest

Laura Withrow

September 30, 2013

Fall Fest


During the beginning of the school year Duxbury High School’s drama department performs a series of plays known as Fall Festival.  There are many different stages of preparing for Fall Festival.

Fall Festival, also known as, Fall Fest is a very exciting time at Duxbury High School.  This year at fall fest the plays being performed are “Note to Self,” “Paper or Plastic?” and “I Really Ever Need to Know What I Learned in Kindergarten.” All of the plays are comedies based on teenage problems and life lessons. The plays will be put on during the last weekend of October.

First, the directors have to choose which plays to perform. Second, they have to hold auditions for each role in the play. Lastly, the cast rehearses and prepares them for their performance. DHS junior Garret C. said, “getting everything ready in a short time is difficult. “This can be a very long and strenuous process for everyone involved.

Rehearsals are also a very important part of their preparations. The cast meets twice a week to rehearse after school. DHS junior Skyler W. said, “rehearsal can affect time for schoolwork, however in order to be in a production you must maintain a certain grade average.”

One of the hardest and most important skills for being in a performance is memorizing your lines. DHS junior Ginny W. said, in order for her to prepare she memorized her lines, practiced her scenes with other cast members involved and went to rehearsal.

One of the most important processes of preparing for the play is getting the costumes ready.  Since there are several different plays with many different characters, the costumes vary. DHS junior Ivy H, head of the costume department said, “that putting together costumes for all the plays can be hard, but she enjoys the bonding with the cast. “

The final preparation for the performance is the make up for each cast member. The varying themes of the plays can alter the make up for the characters in the play. DHS junior Kate S. said, “that being a part of make up committee is fun and one of her favorite aspects is playing with the black light in the makeup room.”


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