Is Far Fars Sexist?

One of Far Fars many flavors of ice cream
Photo by: Aubrey L.

By: Beni D.

Duxbury’s Danish ice cream shop, Far Fars, is a popular place for students of Duxbury High School to grab a homemade ice cream. It also serves as a popular employment option for students due to its proximity to the school campus.

Far Fars has a tradition where the boys make the ice cream and the girls serve it. DHS Junior and Far Fars employee Geraldine C. said, “It’s an old fashioned store and that just adds to the experience…I wouldn’t want to make the ice cream but I can see how some people might dislike it [the rule]”

In a poll of 100 DHS students grades nine through twelve, 80% of students had not heard of this rule. Although many mentioned they had noticed a trend of only having female servers but did not think much of it. Upon hearing this rule a majority of the students said it was unfair and sexist. Freshman Michaela Z. said, “I’ve noticed it before but never knew it was a rule.”

Sophomore Katie M. said Far Fars ice cream was the best in town, but upon hearing of this rule said it was sexist and should be changed to allow both boys and girls to serve and make ice cream. Junior Madison V. agreed and said, “It’s very stereotypical that they have the boys making it and the girls showcasing it.”

Sophomore Noel H. had heard of this rule before and said that it is the same way at local bakery, French Memories. Senior Brianna C. said the rule was stereotypical and sexist. Junior Kyle A. agreed when he said, “It definitely is [sexist] but I don’t really care.”

While majority of DHS students were unaware of this rule’s existence many agree that the rule should be changed. Junior Emily N. said, “I think it should be changed, we have equal capabilities in making ice cream.” Senior and Far Fars employee Sarah D. said, “It’s been the same for 34 years so I don’t think much of it.”

Regardless of the rule students agree they will continue to eat Far Fars ice cream because of its good homemade taste and convenience.

One thought on “Is Far Fars Sexist?

  1. I’m being obnoxious and posting my opinion again.

    I’ve been an Ice Cream Maker at Farfar’s since August 2011. It’s a “rule” yes, but I have never once heard a colleague complain about it. The girls (shoutout to my Farf’s crew) prefer their jobs over mine, and I prefer my job over theirs. It’s a system that works, has worked, and will continue to work as time goes on.

    Now, if someone wanted to have the opposite job, then that would be a discussion worth having at that point in time. But for the past thirty-four years, that hasn’t occurred…not to my knowledge, anyways.

    But yes, Farfar’s Ice Cream is great. I made it, what would you expect?

    (Note: If you think Farfar’s Ice Cream quality has decreased since August 17, 2013, please let me know. I will have a jovial conversation with my successor, my brother, about it. Thank you.)

    ^ that’s a joke


    Dragon Flyer, you better miss me

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