Homecoming Turnout

Every year Duxbury High School hosts an annual homecoming dance. The dance represents the beginning of a new year, and often takes places during late September or mid October.

This year about 120 students showed up to the homecoming dance. This was a good turn out considering approximately 50 students bought tickets at the door. Ben C. Junior, and the class of 2015 president at DHS was happy lots of people attended.

When students were asked their opinion of the dance there were mixed reviews. Olivia S, Junior, said that it was better than expected. However, the music choice was poor. Freshman, Jake H. said that it was also fun, but it would have been better if they played more current music.

This year the normally casual dance was semi-formal. Sophomore, Sarah P. said that the semi-formal part was fun, however it was hard to find a dress so last minute. “The school had no other choice but to make the dance formal, but I enjoyed wearing my skinny black tie.” Said Junior Jason C.

Students did say that the dance would have a larger turn out if it was improved upon. Izzy M, Meg G, and Rachel K, a group of freshmen at DHS said attended said the dance would be better if it was shorter. Also said it would be better if the music choice was more up to date. Another student said it would be better if there were free snacks provided.

When asked about the best part of the dance the answers varied. Junior, Ben S. one of the foreign exchange students at DHS said his favorite part was meeting new people and going outside the dance. Sophomore, Kayla S. said, that she had no favorite part. Freshman Jake H. said his favorite part of the dance was getting water.

Next, the students were asked if they would be attending next year. Freshman, Griffin S. that he might attend next year because he has a girlfriend. Olivia S. a junior at DHS also said “I might go next year because I have school spirit.” Jason C. a junior at DHS said he might also attend next year because it is “better than doing nothing.”

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