Is Facebook Fading?

Common Facebook login
Common Facebook login

By: Monica D.

Not too long ago Facebook took the world by storm, but over the past few years the social network has been slipping from the number one seat.

Facebook has become more of a tool than a fun site to post things on.

Most students only use the site to keep up with events and school clubs. Senior Jake S. said, “I don’t use it socially anymore, more for groups like NHS [National Honor Society] and sports than anything else.” Some Duxbury High School students have gotten rid of Facebook all together, Sean M. said “I don’t use Facebook, I use twitter more now.”

The improvements that Facebook has attempted to install have not all been successful. Senior Pat Shaw said “Facebook has too many sketchy things that say like ‘Click Here’ and stuff. There are way too many ads, Twitter has no ads”. A lot of people are finding it less useful for practical use as it is for basic communication, Latin teacher Mrs. Hart said, “It is a superficial way of interacting, with Twitter I can at least get news updates quickly.” Seven out of the ten teachers and students chose Twitter over Facebook. Senior Colin M. said, “Twitter is the best, Facebook doesn’t even compare”. As Pat, Sean, and Jake commented further on the Facebook/Twitter rivalry they all came to their own conclusion that the simplicity of Twitter is what gives it that edge over Facebook.

Senior Hallie W. said that she does not like Facebook as much because her mom and all of her mom’s friends like all of her photos. Has the older crowd began to take over Facebook leaving Twitter, Vine, and Instagram to the teens? DHS Librarian Mrs. Miller said, “I only have seven friends on Facebook because that is all I need. I just use it for my family, we use it as a way to communicate, to send pictures, and to tell each other what’s going on in our lives”. Obviously, still being a multi- million dollar company, Facebook does have a lot of supporters. DHS seniors Jess N, and Bella M. both enjoy Facebook over twitter. They spoke positively on behalf of Facebook, saying that they think Facebook is the ideal social network because of the opportunities it gives users to stay in touch with long distance friends and family. The two students also praised Facebook’s feature of allowing full photo albums to be uploaded, saying that it gives them a chance to skim through photos of cool trips and events their friends have been at.

Facebook is not what it once was, but it is still a great success. The social site allows users to keep in touch with friends, however, it also lacks the simplicity that some users desire. The complexity of the sight may be driving away some of their business, but not enough for it to become another forgotten URL.

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