Mechanical Bull Failure Disappoints Many

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Pete, JP, and Mike discussing the mechanical bull

On Friday October 11th, Duxbury High School had its annual fall season pep rally, and with it came a little surprise. After the government bought a $50,000 mechanical bull seven days into the government shutdown, it seemed everybody needed a mechanical bull, including Duxbury High school.

To many the mechanical bull was a surprise. Many people walked into the gym and were shocked when they saw the bull right in front of them. Senior Sam K. said that he had no knowledge of the mechanical bull until he actually saw it when he walked into the gym. On the other hand there were still many people who had heard about the bull before hand. Senior Nick W. said that he found out before school from Mr. Holdgate.

Many students were optimistic about the mechanical bull. Students were excited and ready for the mechanical bull to make the pep rally one of the best in years. Senior Jake S. said, “I was pretty excited!”

Other students were not as excited for the mechanical bull. An anonymous student said, “I knew they were going to screw it up.” Senior Nick W. was neutral coming into the situation. Nick said, “I didn’t know what to think, it could have been interesting but in the end it turned out okay.”

When students came into the Gym and saw the mechanical bull, they seemed pretty excited.  Jake S. said he was pumped when he finally set eyes on the mechanical bull.

An athlete from each fall sports team was picked to ride the bull. This included Ian B., Katie L., Jillian W., Sarah H., Kevin D., Jackson S., Dan P., and Catherine H., all of which took a mighty attempt to conquer the mechanical bull.

When students were asked who their favorite person was to ride the bull, it was a general consensus that Kevin D. was the favorite. Dressed in cowboy attire with a cowboy hat, boots, jean shorts, and a flannel shirt, Kevin fit the part perfectly. But his most noticeable difference from the other competitors was his graceful mounting of the mechanical bull. Instead of tediously climbing the side of the bull and throwing his leg over the side like the others, he came in straight from behind and jumped straight onto the back of the bull like a scene from an old western movie. When asked about his feelings on being one of the contestants Kevin said, “I was nervous because I didnt want to look completely stupid in front of the entire school but at the same time I was excited because I was chosen by my team to this and it looked like fun.”

Not only did Kevin fit the part, he played the part. Kevin stayed on the bull the longest with a courageous cowboy effort that nobody else could stand up to. Kevin was completely comfortable up there in front of everyone. He said, “I didnt have time to think about what others thought of me. I was concentrated on staying on that bull.”

In the end of it all Kevin really liked the mechanical bull. When asked on how he felt after he had won, he said, “I was pumped because I had won it for [the football team], my legs were absolutely killing me though after the ride and it felt awful.”

Although, Kevin’s performance was something to talk about, the rest of the bull riding left people wanting more. Nick W. said, “I thought it was a good idea to try and change up the pep rally but it ended up being not as good as expected.” Another great idea was said by Sam K. He said that teachers should have had to ride the bull.

When the topic of another mechanical bull was brought up, students were indifferent to the subject.  Jake S. and Sam K. both said they wouldn’t care if there was a mechanical bull at the next pep rally, however, they would be fine if there wasn’t one at all.

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