Trick-or-Treat: Where are the Tricks?

Example of a Halloween Pumpkin
Example of a Halloween Pumpkin

By: Michelle M

Halloween, the holiday specifically dedicated to candy and playing scary pranks. Playing a harmless Halloween prank on a family member or a close friend is a fantastic way to get into the fall spirit. Duxbury High School teacher Mr. Sprague said Halloween pranks are fun as long as no one gets hurt or is the butt of a joke.

There are three different kinds of Halloween pranksters. The first is the immature Halloween pranksters. These pranksters spend Halloween night egging or teepeeing their neighbor’s houses. Sophomore Katie M. who had been egged before on Halloween said aside from being sticky and wreaking her hair it was also “not original”

Also, there are the people who lack imagination and opt for the cheap scary toys bought at the local Halloween store. However many believe these pranks are more fun. Junior Miles T. said, “That the best pranks are the simple ones. You can dress up in all black and come up behind someone and scare them.” Sophomore Jared D. gave similar advice. He said the best prank he had seen was a kid in a ghillie suit jump out and scares trick-or-treaters.

Finally there are the pros, people who create unique and original pranks. An anonymous student said “I like to throw spaghetti at people because it sticks and is less damaging” Other examples of fun pranks are pumpkin swapping or mixed candy. This is when you give trick-or-treaters the wrong seasonal candy such as Easter Eggs or Candy Canes. Reverse trick or treating is when you ring someone’s doorbell and give him or her candy. The only way to avoid an unoriginal Halloween prank is to stay away from all Halloween stores. Chances are they all have the same prank kits that your grandparents used.

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