Fantasy Football Energizes Competitive Spirits

A Fantasy Football Team

Fantasy Football is an online game in which participants pick individual players to create a “Fantasy Team.” Fantasy scores are then based on how well each player they picked does in the real life games.

Success in Fantasy Football can earn someone respect and bragging rights at Duxbury High School. Senior Matt S  said, “I’ve been playing Fantasy Football since about age ten.” Fantasy Football has been around since 1963, but has become very popular with the growth of the internet. ESPN and Yahoo each have their own Fantasy Football program updated with real time statistics.

Fantasy Football competitiveness can vary between every league which makes it suitable for every type of person. Senior Sam B said, “David [C] told me we’re no longer friends, only acquaintances till the Fantasy Football season is over.” Senior Andrew F said, “there is no actual prize for the winner, except obviously pride,” while Senior Ethan J and Matt S are playing for a cash prize of $160.00.

Once involved with a serious league addiction is almost inevitable. “I check my Fantasy Football team two to four times a day depending on what day it is.” said Sam B.  Ethan J said, “Sunday is game day, Monday is waiver day, Tuesday is new projection day.”

There is no doubt that Fantasy Football has changed the way people view football. Senior Nick W said, “It adds a dimension of bringing in fans who aren’t the biggest fan of football but who like the actual competitive aspect of [Fantasy Football].” Clearly, Fantasy Football elevates “Americas Game” to a higher level of popularity than ever before. Matt S said “I really watch these games on Sunday now just for Fantasy, these games that should mean nothing to somebody from New England I now have to watch because I either have someone in the game or my opponent has someone in the game.” Ethan J said, “[Fantasy Football] makes you care about every game pretty much, like who cares about the Kansas City Chiefs? I do, I have their defense.”

Fantasy Football is a big influence on what team someone is going to cheer for. Physical Education Teacher Mr. McPhillips said, “you look at individual players more instead of teams.” Senior David C said, “if you’re going against Tom Brady, you in a way hope the patriots win but you hope Tom Brady doesn’t put up the best stats.” Fantasy Football takes way the human aspect of each player and makes them seem more robotic. “When Jermichael Finley, the tight end of my favorite team and fantasy team, got injured against the Cleveland Browns, I was more mad because he wasn’t going to be on my fantasy team for the next six weeks rather than the fact that he is not currently playing on the team that I support,” Ethan J said.

“[Fantasy Football] is very competitive, sometimes you can lose friendships, lives are changed forever,” said David C

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