Fall Fashion Takes Over


As Duxbury High School transitions from summer to fall many students are swapping their shorts and flip flops for jeans and boots. Junior Danielle J said, “Fall is my favorite fashion season!”

Walking around the halls you start to see many fashion trends. For girls it’s leggings or jeans paired with a big sweater or flannel and boots. For boys it’s jeans or khakis paired with a flannel and sneakers. Junior Garret C said that his go to fall outfit is “a flannel and jeans.”

As the years have gone by fashion trends have transitioned from Uggs to Frye boots. Most people now would not dare to step out in the sheepskin waterproof boot anymore. Slippers are also a comfy shoe alternative on a lazy day for most students. The L.L. Bean “Wicked Good Moccasin” is very popular among high school girls this fall. Even though the Ugg boots are less frequented, some still wear the Ugg slippers.

As soon as the temperature hits below 50 degrees the cream and light pastel nail polish is stored away until spring. Dark nails are an extremely popular and sometimes necessary part of fall fashion. Colors such as Wicked by Essie, Black Cherry Chutney and Ink by OPI are extremely popular as fall and winter rolls around. Metallic golds and silvers are also popular because of the shimmer and enticing hues.

Hats are also an up and coming accessory this year. Many people are sporting knit beanies with their outfits this season. Fur Bomber hats are also worn by many not only because they are stylish but also because they are very warm and comfortable. Many students think that these hats are a cute and practical addition to any fall ensemble.

Students are also bringing out the scarves again for this time of year. These accessories are not only practical and warm; a burgundy knit infinity scarf can spice up any outfit. Pashminas are also another scarf style that is frequently worn. Instead of connecting to form a circle, like an infinity scarf, the Pashmina is usually styled around one’s neck and has the ends hanging down at the person’s sides.

Army and leather jackets are in this season as well. They can make any outfit look edgy and angsty without much effort.

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