Senior Projects Bringing Excitement

Senior Project handbook
Senior Project handbook

Senior project is one of the many opportunities given to the seniors of Duxbury High School. The purpose of senior project is to provide experience in real life planning and to give back to the community. The seniors will pick an idea that they feel is beneficial and turn it into an out-of-the-classroom project. Senior Project is a chance to learn about how to organize, communicate effectively, and apply knowledge to real life situations.

       The seniors participating are more than happy about taking a role in the community, however, most do not know what project they are going to do yet. Senior Samantha S. said, “I’m excited! I think it is going to be a great experience.” When talking about the kind of work that is going to take place, Samantha S. said, “It sounds like it is going to be a lot of work, but it will definitely be worth it.” Senior Angus W. said, “I’m eager to begin working on the projects, I think they are a great opportunity.”

       Each senior involved is not only excited to do their own project, but are just as thrilled to contribute to the community. Senior Caitlin T. said, “I definitely think more people should participate because it is a chance to help out the community and also because it seems like a good way to end the year.” Caitlin T. plans to shadow a teacher at the Chandler School and help him or her out in the classroom. Caitlin T. said, “I am doing this because I love kids and I want to be an early education teacher.”

       Mrs. Alongi, one of the heads of Senior Project, is also enthusiastic about starting. Mrs. Alongi said, “I enjoy being involved and it is one of the worthwhile experiences for seniors.” She has also never heard of anyone regretting doing it. There have been many different projects done. They vary anywhere from working in the schools to volunteering at animal shelters and the fire department.

       Mrs.Peterson, the other head of the Senior projects, is also excited about the start of the projects and the good turnout at the first meeting. When it came to talking about the projects and their benefits, Mrs.Peterson said, “All the projects I have seen have helped students grow and are able to connect to the community.” The projects are also a great way to end the year because the students can take all that they have learned and apply it into the real world.


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