Black Friday Strikes Again

DHS student Bridget Dixon posing as a shopper
DHS junior Bridget D. posing as a shopper

By Chloe B.

The day after Thanksgiving, formally known as Black Friday, is the most anticipated shopping day of the year. People wake up at the crack of dawn- some even earlier- to shop at their favorite stores in hopes of getting great deals.

Junior Becky M. said, “I have not been shopping on Black Friday before,” she added, “I am pumped for this year!” Sophomore Caitlin P., who has also never been out on Black Friday said, “I am so excited for this year!” Senior Spencer H. has been shopping on Black Friday. “I have got a lot of good deals,” Spencer said.

Black Friday is infamous for its early wakeup calls for those committed to bargain hunting. “I went out at 3 a.m. last year,” said sophomore Nancy D. Some students prefer to go out at midnight so they can be the first to get the great deals, then come home and sleep. “I would go out at midnight because that’s when all the crazy people are out,” said junior Becky M.

The day after Thanksgiving is filled with greed and competition. Junior Avery P. had an interesting experience last Black Friday. “I was shopping at Macy’s and I saw two ladies fighting over a shirt. Then I saw the sales person go over and take the shirt. I’m not really sure what happened to them,” she said.

In order to avoid the lines and crowds, some people prefer alternative options to in-store shopping. Junior Sam C. said, “There are way too many people out on Black Friday. I shop online instead!” Caitlin likes both online and in-store shopping. She said, “I do buy a lot of clothes online, but I think it is better to be able to try on clothes and see what they are like before buying them.”

Many stores are opening earlier this year, some even on Thanksgiving. Mrs. Sullivan, who works in the main office at DHS, said, “I think [people working on Thanksgiving] is terrible. Time with family is sacred and there are so few opportunities.” Senior Bob B. disagreed when he said, “That’s not my problem.”

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