A Break for Athletes

photoBy: Michelle M

As fall sports come to an end Duxbury athletes find themselves with a few extra free hours. Students are using this time to catch up on homework, clock in some extra hours at work or train for the next season.

Junior Kyle A., who does crew during the fall and wrestling during the winter, does rowing workouts during the break to stay in shape. Kyle said, “I am pretty happy about the break and not needing to wake up at five a.m.” Other athletes also enjoy their short break, spending their time catching up on their favorite shows, hanging out with friends and resting.  Junior Eliza H. said she spends her break running and watching Netflix.

However some athletes are anxious for the break to be over. Sophomore Nancy D. said that she spends her break working because the holiday season is very busy. Regarding her feelings toward the break, she said, “I am bored and I want to play [volleyball] again.” Junior Madison V. shared similar feelings. She said that she is very anxious for her next season and that she is more organized during the season.

Other athletes claimed to be more organized during the sports season as well. Junior Maddie B. said she has more motivation to do homework later at night after a sport than when she gets home earlier on nights she doesn’t have a sport. Senior Nikki V. said, “I need a more disciplined schedule for homework…my grades are phenomenally better in season than out.” A three year study by Dr. Roger Whitley from North Carolina proved that on average athletes perform significantly better than non-athletes academically. In his study Whitley found that the majority of athletes had a higher GPA and graduation rate. Athletes also had fewer absences than non-athletes.

Most DHS athletes said they love the sports they play and miss them once the season comes to an end. The majority also thought the senior class was hit hardest by the end of a season. Senior Ian W. said, “Soccer is my favorite sport and we will never play [at DHS] again…we came up short and we were robbed of a goal.”  Nikki V. said, “I made so many friends on my team…and I look around and think this is the last time I will ever be playing with these girls. Now looking back I took it for granted.”

Others miss the team bonding. Kyle A. said he missed the “wrestling acapella group” once the wrestling season ended. Sophomore Ryan H. added that he missed hanging out with his soccer team and team bonding the most.

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