Acts of Kindness

Junior Claire H. helping Senior Brooke M. with her 80’s day hair.

The high speed of society in 2013 has caused people to be so focused on their busy lives that they do not think to stop and be kind to others. Nowadays people are more likely to cut someone off while driving, they’re in such a rush to get to their next destination.

With today’s bad economy people are less likely to tip well at stores and restaurants. Many people seem to forget this but some still follow through with generosity. Sophomore Heather O. said “I was working at Rock, Paper, Scissors (a local toy store) and someone gave me a $5 tip.” This unexpected act of kindness made Heather very thankful to the generous shopper.

Even the little acts do not go unnoticed. Senior Sam Najarian said, “On my plane ride home someone held my coffee for me while I put my suitcase in the overhead bin.” Sam was very grateful for the strangers aid. A common trend at coffee chains drive thru’s like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks is paying for the person’s coffee in the car behind you. Pay chains or pay forwards are extremely popular in Duxbury. Senior Ainsley M. said, “Someone paid for me at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru.” Things like that are small but can make someones day.

DHS Students are not the only ones that have experienced generous acts. Mrs. Sullivan who works in the front office said, “Mrs. Connolly gave Mrs. Mulone a lime. She’s going to give me one too next week.” Mrs. Connolly said, “Every day I try to do something nice. I bring in candy for the teachers or make them coffee.”

Acts of kindness do not always have to be materialistic. Junior Katie W. said, “My sister sent me a text out of the blue saying ‘I was beautiful and perfect in every way.’” Junior Kyle A. said “My crew coach gave me a $5 Far Far’s gift card because I was not at practice the day she took the team to get ice cream.”

Freshman are capable of kindness too. Freshman Rourke M. said, “I bought Ryan R. a chocolate milk.” “It was awesome” said Freshman Ryan R. Far Far’s employee and DHS Junior Geraldine C. said, “Mr. Quigley always gives me a good tip whenever I serve him ice cream.”

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