Chipotle Faces Moe’s in the Battle of the Burrito

A picture of a Moe's burrito and a Chipotle drink
A picture of a Moe’s burrito and a Chipotle drink

By Hannah A

From the rice at Chipotle to the free salsa at Moe’s, the battle of the burrito has been very competitive recently. With both restaurants serving fast and tasty Mexican food, the question of where to eat has become more difficult for those looking for a meal. Most students debate whether or not it is worth it to drive 25 minutes to Chipotle or just 15 minutes to Moe’s.

According to a recent study of students at Duxbury High 85 out of 127 students of Duxbury High School prefer Chipotle over Moe’s. Sophomore Greg W. said “Hands down Moe’s. It is closer, cheaper, and just as tasty as Chipotle.” On the opposing side junior Katie W. said “Chipotle is way more tasty, it is definitely worth the drive down to Derby Street Shop’s.”

Many students cannot decide which restaurant to go to, finding advantages and disadvantages in both. Senior Matt W. said, “Both are so good, I can never decide which one to go to.” Senior Luke M. expressed his disinterest for both restaurants and said “I think the whole “Mexican food” phase is overrated, and if I was to go anywhere it would be Qdoba.

Chipotle has been open for business since 1993 and has over 900 locations. Since Moe’s opened in the late 2000’s the majority of students feel that Moe’s copied Chipotle. With 460 Moe’s location in the United States and abroad, it is spreading rapidly.

Food wise, many students feel Chipotle is fresher and tastier. Freshman Ryan R said , “I love their chips and the salsa is always fresh.” Junior Madison V said, “At Chipotle, I feel I get more fresh quality food.”

On the official website of Chipotle, a list of all ingredient in the food is listed. Meanwhile Moe’s will not release any ingredients, and when the owner of Moe’s in Plymouth was asked if the ingredients were open for the public to see he said “Unfortunately I am not able to show any costumer’s our recipe book. If there is a question on one single ingredient, or an allergy, I would be able to help explain the ingredients, but otherwise it is not public.”

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