Handball Tournament Breaking Hearts, Boosting Spirits

On Wednesday, November 20th and Thursday, November 21st, the second annual GEC handball tournament took place at the Duxbury High School gym. The hype leading up to the tournament can not, and will not, be matched, and it was a great time for all. The competitive spirit was present throughout the corridors at DHS all week, and many students wished for their voice to be heard prior to tip-off at 3 PM on Wednesday afternoon.

The Global Engagement Club (GEC) made this event happen, as an exciting and gratifying fundraiser, at just $5 per participant. Additional baked goods were available for sale on behalf of the spectators at the tournament.

Junior Goalie Tucker K. guaranteed a victory for his squad, as well as Freshman David C., the captain of Los Tijuana Burritos. David was asking to play with a target on his back, as before the tournament began, he said, “We are above and beyond all teams, in swag”. Freshman Declan Q. took a more humble approach for the Burritos, he said “I’m excited to be out there working hard and earning victories,” Declan also said, “I can’t wait to release my built up stress from this grueling and arduous school year”. It didn’t end there, as Freshman Bobby M. said, “I’ll take every shot and make every pass like a champion. I probably won’t pass much though, I am a pure goal scorer. I know how to win. When I take my first steps on that court I’m gonna body bag a dude”.

Junior Jackie S., member of the USMC said on game day that she was looking forward to having a lot of fun. Another member of the USMC, Junior Nick A. said, “I’m looking forward to the competitive spirit that all of the athletes are going to express and just battling it out between each other, throwing elbows, aggressive chirping, and the blood, sweat and tears that will be spread across the gym floor”.

Junior Brian Z., a member of Dux Dynasty, said before the tournament, “I’m looking for a strong run”. They did just that, as Dux Dynasty shocked the world after defeating the Scrubs twice, and eliminated them from the tournament. Junior Patrick C., member of Dux Dynasty turned it around this year after having a rough go last time around. Pat said “ [Last year], we went two and out. Sore subject”.

The handball tournament was indeed a success, as the gym was packed with students and over 150 students participated. The final four teams remaining consisted of The Iron Curtain, Channel 4 News Team, Victorious Secret, and We Know Foote Would. The winning team was We Know Foote Would, and they beat Victorious Secret 5-3 in the championship. None of the players from these two teams guaranteed a victory, opposed to many other players from other teams that did so.

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