Thanksgiving Football Game Renews Competition

Duxbury High School Football Seniors thanks to
Duxbury High School Football Seniors thanks to

Every Thanksgiving day, this on November 28th, there is the annual Duxbury High School and Marshfield High School football rivalry game.

In all Fall sports since 2004, Duxbury has gotten the best of Marshfield winning thirty two out of forty eight games. When asked what word best sums up the Thanksgiving Football game, Senior Luke M said, “Tradition.”

Senior Halle W said, “Even though they are not in our league or even our division, both teams want to

win for bragging rights.” Luke said, “Past years we’ve just buried Marshfield cause we’ve been incredible and they haven’t been good at all. So this year I think it’s going to be a real good game.” Duxbury, comes into the game with a record of 5 and 4 and Marshfield 4 and 6. Duxbury will look to snap their losing streak and end the season on a high note.

This Thanksgiving football game marks the last game for all Fall sports. Junior Rob M said, “It’s really big. You represent your town.” The Thanksgiving football game always has a playoff atmosphere. Senior Nick B said, “the field is packed with people and it’s probably the loudest game of the year. It’s a really fun experience. Halle said, “all of the alumni come back from college to support their hometown, so whether the team wins or loses there is still good vibes, and it’s fun to get to see everyone.”

When asked what his favorite memory about Thanksgiving football, Nick said, “I remember my freshman year when we played Marshfield and we won forty two to nothing. We went into the game thinking it was going to be one of the hardest games of the season, it was supposed to be really close, and we came out and absolutely killed Marshfield. It was just so much fun being out there with the guys.” Luke said, “I remember when O’Keefe and all of them would sling it out and destroy Marshfield, those were the good old days.”

The game will be played for the first time ever on Marshfields’ new turf. Marcello said, “I can’t wait to see the competition and Marshfields new stadium. It is going to be energy packed.” Halle said, “I look forward to seeing the seniors play their last game together.”

The game is perfect for all ages. Luke said, “I usually go to the games with my Dad since most of my friends are on the team, it’s fun to see.” Marcello, one of the team managers, travels with the team.

This game is expected to be one of the best, if not the best of the season. Luke said, “I’m looking forward to seeing if Duxbury can beat Marshfield. Marshfield has a good team this year and we’re not as good as we have been in the past, so I think it’s going to be a really good game.”

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