The Christmas Obsession

A festive Christmas tree!

By: Beni D.

The holiday season is just around the corner and Duxbury High School couldn’t be more excited for Christmas. Some students have already started to embrace the holiday spirit by listening to carols and putting up decorations. Other students believe that before Thanksgiving is too early in the season to begin celebrating.

A fair share of students believe that it can never be too early to start the Christmas season. Junior Jenna R. said that the Christmas season for her starts as early as the day after Halloween. Junior Chandley M. starts whenever she begins to get into the holiday mood. Chandley M. said, “There’s no specific date for me…I used to believe anyone who started before Thanksgiving was ridiculous but then I realized that Thanksgiving is yet another holiday that embodies the holiday season.”

While Christmas is an exciting time of year the hype over Christmas at DHS can be regarded as too much too early. Junior Pat G. thinks before Thanksgiving is too early. Pat G. said, “It gets rid of the point of Thanksgiving if you start too early.” Junior Kyle A. agreed, he said, “Christmas music should be played on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and that’s it.”

Are we too excited for Christmas? Senior Sabrina L. said, “I think when you’re little it’s okay to get excited over Santa but when you’re older it’s just Christmas.” Junior Eliza H. said, “The season starts earlier and earlier every year and while it’s a happy time it reaches a point where it’s just too early.”

In a poll of 110 DHS students 64 of them agreed that starting to celebrate the Christmas season before Thanksgiving was just too early. Junior Kate H. said, “There are enough days in December to celebrate Christmas.” Junior Marissa F. said, “The Christmas season should start with ABC’s 25 days of Christmas.” Freshman Ryan R. said that he likes the Christmas spirit before hand but didn’t think anyone really cared about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

Of the 46 students who thought that the season should start early Junior Kitty H. said, “I’ve never liked starting the Christmas season before Thanksgiving until this year…Thanksgiving is so late this year we have to balance it out.” Junior Emma C. said, “Hanukkah starts on Thanksgiving this year so [the holiday season] should start before.”

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