DHS Partners with Alden School in Early Childhood Education Class

The Early Childhood Education class
The Early Childhood Education class

Early Childhood Education was recently revised in the Duxbury High School curriculum. It is the first class ever to be affiliated with the Alden School. The assistant principal of Alden, Mrs. Moffat, and the teacher of the ECE course, Mrs. Sterling, work together to promote the success of this new program. This year, there are twenty students enrolled. Each is now an intern to a teacher at Alden and the students go over two to three times a week and helps prepare lessons for the children and get the classroom ready. Some of the students have the chance to work with the children on math and literacy skills. When the students are not working at Alden, the class is held here at DHS, where they learn about the growth and development of third to fifth graders, communication techniques, and employability skills.

Mrs. Sterling is thrilled about her class. She said that the difference about the class is that “with the Magic Dragon it focused on infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. This course emphasizes middle school age, grades three through five.” Being able to work with children these ages benefits the high school students in the class who are interested in becoming teachers, social workers, psychologists, and nurses.

Sophomore Rachel O. even got a job because of taking this class. The lessons and being able to work with the kids gives the ECE students more experience than most high school students. Rachel O. explained, “ I applied to a lot of places that involve child care. [The Early Childhood Education class] differentiated me from other people applying.”

Many students enrolled enjoy the class. Junior Grace G. said, “It’s fun because we get to go to Alden and it is really interactive. You get to have your own experience, and it is different for everyone.”

Being able to work with the young students at Alden school is not the only the fun aspect of the ECE class. Freshman Ari S. said, “I enjoy the class because we get to go to Alden and see the different interactions with the kids and how they learn.” Being able to do this is a big part of the class’s goal to give the high school students a hands-on experience with the young children. This can also help them decide if they want a career working with children in the future.

The class is beneficial in different ways from the classes offered at DHS. Senior Sydney G. said, “It is not something you would usually do in high school, but more in college.” She added that if anyone is interested in working with kids, then they should take this class.

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