Lorde: Glory or Gore?

Recently there has been a lot of controversy over a ground breaking artist named Lorde, a 16 year old from New Zealand. Her song “Royals” has become very popular over the past few months.

One of Lorde’s most significant features is her image as a musician. She is mainly recognized for her raw and gripping lyrics. Junior Ginny W said that Lorde “gives off a powerful feminist vibe.” And Eliza H said, “She marches to the beat of her own drum.”

There were mixed review about her songs. Summer S, Junior, said her favorite song is “Buzzcut Season.” Sophomore  Lilly S said her favorite song is “Ribs.” Junior Baylee C said her favorite song was “Royals.”

However, other students are not fans of Lorde. Junior Pat G said he is not sure who Lorde is. And Junior Christian S said he does not listen to her enough to have a favorite song.

Since Lorde just released her new album “Pure Heroin” in September, some students are wondering if and when she will release a new album. Eliza H said, “She probably will not release a new one until the spring.” Sophomore Sam B said she probably will not come out with a new album, but most likely a few singles.

There were generally positive views about her album “Pure Heroin” compared to her first album. Sam B said, “The old one did not present as much of a variety as the new one. The new one explores her vocal range and goes deeper into her mind through her lyrics.”

If there was a new album will it be better than “Pure heroin?” As she becomes more well known many people think she will sound more produced and less original. Summer S said she will become less “raw.”

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