Bieber Fever Extinguished?

Justin Bieber's tweet of retirement on
Justin Bieber’s tweet of retirement on

Since 2008, Canadian singer Justin Bieber has scaled to the top of the music charts and has become world famous. In December of 2013, Bieber shocked both fans and haters alike when he said that he might be retiring from music. He made the announcement in a radio interview with Power 106 and later tweeted “My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring.” Not much longer after he tweeted, however, he retracted his statement and tweeted again saying “…I’m never leaving you, being a belieber is a lifestyle,” and “IM HERE FOREVER.”

Not everyone is disappointed about the stars potential retirement. Senior Samuel T. said, “He has done some crazy things recently like yelling at fans so I do think it is best for him to retire for awhile.” He also added that he thinks Justin Bieber is finally realizing he needs to quiet down a bit and retiring would give him some time.

Senior Janine N. is rather glad that he is retiring. She said, “It is a good thing because the fame has gone to his head.” She dislikes Bieber as she feels he is full of himself and his music is not anything out of the ordinary.

Some people do not really mind whether or not Bieber retires. Freshman Clayton L. said, “I wish I could have seen him at a point where he wasn’t the object of so much hate. However if he feels he must retire I suppose that’s fine.” He does feel that Biebers retirement will cause his fans to be understandably upset if it is true. Junior Baylee C. agrees that his retirement does not matter much either as she said, “ I do not think it has an impact on music, but it would matter to some girls.”

The question of why Bieber is pulling this stunt is still unanswered. Sophomore Nancy D. said, “ I think it is a way for people to notice him more. It is ridiculous that he is nineteen and retiring.” Nancy D. believes that the reason he got so big by the age of nineteen is because he has an appeal to some girls because he is young, cute, and sings about relationships and that is what most girls like to listen to.

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