Sochi: Snow, Ski, Security?

2014 Winter Olympics logo
2014 Winter Olympics logo

By: Celia B.

After four long years, the Winter Olympics has finally returned, and is shaping up to be quite the event.

This year’s Games will take place in the city of Sochi, located along the Black Sea. Although they experience relatively balmy weather and a surprising abundance of palm trees, Sochi is in the midst of its winter, temperatures ranging around freezing, making it an appropriate venue. Chosen to host in 2007, Sochi has spared no expense–sinking a record-breaking $50 billion into the affair.

But despite the impressive price tag, many remain concerned about the location’s security. Ever since two back-to-back suicide bombings occurred in the neighboring area of Volograd in late December, Sochi has been deemed a danger zone.

“It’s kind of scary sending US citizens [to Sochi],” junior Ben C. said.

School librarian Mrs. Miller said, “I didn’t mind the Games being in Russia at first…but now that there have been bombings, I wonder if the venue is just too large to secure everybody’s safety.”

But all worries aside, DHS students are still expressing their excitement to watch the Games. Junior Madison V. said, “The ski and snowboarding tricks are awesome.” Junior Jenna R. added, “[The tricks] are particularly cool to me because I would never be able to do that.”

Sophomore Lilla A. discussed her wariness toward luge, which involves fast racing on sleds. At the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, an athlete from Georgia was killed competing in this sport. Lilla said, “[Luge] is scary, but undeniably cool.”

Junior Eliza H. does not feel the same way about curling. She said, “I think it is the stupidest sport ever.”

Freshman Clare M. said she was upset when she learned that American gold medalist Lindsay Vonn would not be returning to the slopes for this year’s Games. According to Vonn’s publicist, she has a knee injury that is best left unbothered. Clare said, “Poor thing, she was my favorite.”

Junior Connor O. said he heard tell that a DHS graduate was going to be participating in the Games.

As far sports go, the Winter Olympics include only fifteen, compared to the Summer Olympics’ total of forty-two. Thirteen of the fifteen sports are performed individually, leaving only two sports that involve teams: curling and hockey.

Freshman Mike G. said he was very excited to see the hockey matches. Mike said, “I want to see the United States win so badly.” Sophomore Max W. argued, “I’d like to see Canada win.”

But not all students at DHS will be tuning in for the Games. Junior Maddie B. said, “People get too obsessed with the Olympics. I find it boring.” Sophomore Kerri L. said, “I don’t understand how half the events are even remotely entertaining.” When asked if she would be watching the Olympics, sophomore Heather O. responded, “Is that this year?”

The opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics will take place on Friday, Feb. 7.

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