Tuning in This Winter

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By: Beni D.

With Winter in full swing, people are getting back to and catching up on their favorite TV series’. From The Bachelor to Pretty Little Liars, DHS students and faculty members are turning their TV’s on and tuning in to their favorite Winter shows.

Much of the buzz about Winter TV premiere’s revolves around ABC Family’s hit show Pretty Little Liars. Sophomore Caroline F. is excited for the season premiere Pretty Little Liars. She said, “I love Pretty Little Liars because it’s really action packed.” Senior Sabrina L. said, “Pretty Little Liars is a mystery and I like it because it’s not too scary.”

Another popular this season is Downton Abbey, School Secretary, Mrs. Sullivan said, “I’ve been following it [Downton Abbey], I just got addicted to the characters and the story.”

The Bachelor has proven popular in the past and continues to be a top choice for many students at DHS. Freshman Alex F. said, “I just started watching it because my friends were..It’s entertaining to see who they will end up with.” Junior Emily N. also enjoys watching the Bachelor and considers it one of her favorite shows.

This Winter many people are turning to shows for suspense and action. Kitchen staff Mrs. Harris is looking forward to the show 24 coming back this Winter because it is “action packed”. Another kitchen staff member Mrs. Macdonald likes the show Dexter because of the added suspense. Students also enjoy shows with a bit of action, junior Coleman B. likes to watch Sherlock Holmes and The Mentalist in his free time.

Another reason students and faculty tune into shows is for a good laugh. Math teacher Mrs. Radzik likes to watch The Good Wife because it’s funny. Harris also watches Impractical Jokers due to its constant humor. Junior Baylee C. likes the show Shameless she said “It’s really funny but its ‘out there’.” Other funny shows DHS students enjoy watching are Girl Code, Key and Peele and The Big Bang Theory.

While sitcoms and suspense shows may be popular Winter season sports also take up much of the time spent watching TV. Radzik says, “Most of the TV watched in my house is Bruins games. And the Winter Olympics are this year, those will be exciting to watch.”

Assistant principal Mr. Donovan finds time in his busy schedule to watch some TV too. He said, “I don’t have cable so I use Hulu and Amazon Prime to watch TV…I like Jimmy Fallon and the Daily Show. ”

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