Winter Fun?

 A festive snowman  Photo by: Ben C
A festive snowman
Photo by: Ben C

By Michelle M

Sledding, ice skating, skiing, snowball fight, snowmen and snow angels are winter activities that are enjoyed by students in the Duxbury school system. However some older students claim that winter activities no longer seem as fun as they once did. Out of fifty Duxbury High School students interviewed only eight said winter was their favorite season.Junior Matt M. said, “Hills seem less big, so sledding is not as fun anymore,” and sophomore Harry S. said, he is less interested in going outside during the winter, because he has seen snow so many times.

As a result more students spend the majority of the winter indoors. Matt M said, “I don’t go outside during the winter. I hibernate.”  Unfortunately being indoors for an entire season can be unhealthy. Duxbury High School history teacher Mr. Kennedy said, “I think it’s important to get outside for recreation all year long, what you do is not so important as long as you do something.”

Mr. Kennedy also said that the cold weather can give you an excuse not to go outside. Many students seem to use the cold as an excuse when asked whether they liked or disliked winter activities. Junior Connor G. said, “I don’t do much in the winter…I don’t like going outside when it’s cold.” Junior Maddie B. added that her tolerance to the cold has gone way down as she has grown up and Sophomore Noel H. said, “you can only do [winter activities] for a certain amount of time. Soon it becomes freezing.”

Other students claimed that they enjoyed winter and playing in the snow, because you can only do it during the winter.  Freshman Emily V. said, “I enjoy [winter] because you only get snow for so long and then it’s gone. We get snow here unlike many other places in the world.”  Duxbury Middle School student Eva B. had a similar comment. She said she enjoyed winter activities because they could only happen in one season.

The majority of DMS students intervened had more positive things to say about winter pastimes. Parker M. Said he loved winter and his favorite winter activity was throwing snowballs at friends while sledding down a hill. McCain D. said he enjoyed “having snowball fights and getting to play with friends,” the most.

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