Ask Raúl January 2014

Dear Raúl,
What are some of the ways that I can get students excited about literature? I would love to get an answer to this question from a student’s perspective. Thanks for any help you can give.
Yours in academia,
Karen Baynes
ELA Supervisor
Duxbury Public Schools
Dear Ms. Baynes,
My best advice is to try to incorporate more contemporary literature into the English curriculum. I have read some novels of recent times that I believe offer educational opportunities to evaluate and examine fine literature similar to those of the classics. In my opinion, integrating such novels into the curriculum would help students relate to and become more engaged in their respective English classes.
Dear Raúl,
I have been besieged by girls this year. What can I do?
Dear Anonymous,
Speaking from personal experience, I know that this can be quite an issue. I suggest staying at home for a few weeks or, if that is not an option, taking steps to make you a less appealing person.

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