Duxbury Students Hit the Slopes

Its winter and with winter comes snow and with snow comes skiing and snowboarding. Duxbury Students keep themselves entertained on the cold weekends by taking some time to go to the slopes. Otherwise, they would be sitting inside away from the cold.

Just like any fun thing in life, everyone has memorable experiences. Duxbury students were no short of them when it came to skiing and snowboarding. Sophomore Darnell Riley said, “My most memorable experience was when my brother was getting on the chair lift and it knocked him over. It was pretty funny.” Sophomore Kerri Lehmann also had an experience with a chairlift. Kerri said, “One time I got stuck on the chairlift for half an hour. It was horrible.”Senior Sam Koulopoulos said his most memorable experience was the first time he went off a jump and wiping out. Senior Will Butler said, “I remember one time, while we were driving home from the mountain, the ski rack on the car broke and everyones skis fell off the car.”

When people go skiing, people can spend their time on the slopes or in the toasty ski lodge. Duxbury students were asked which place they prefer to spend most of their time. Sophomore Bella Boucher said, “Definitely the slopes, I shred all day!” Senior Jackson Sinnott said, “I plan on spending zero time in the lodge. Only sissies sit in the lodge.” Sophomore Brendan McCarthy said, “The slopes no doubt. I enjoy chilling at the lodge, yet I always feel like I’m wasting perfectly good skiing time.” Kerri Lehmann said, “I like to spend more time on the slopes, although, I do enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate in the lodge every once in a while.”

Everyone has a certain style of skiing or snowboarding. Sam Koulopoulos said, “I do some park, some downhill, a mix of everything really.” Will Butler said, “I love to go pretty fast, but I also like to try a few tricks every once in a while.”

There are many different places in the New England area to go skiing. Picking one can be a hard decision. Every mountain is different. Some can be mostly for beginners and some can tend to lean more towards the experienced. However, most people have that special place that is like no other. Sam koulopoulos said that Killington is his favorite mountain, “It has the best trails.” Bella Boucher said she likes to go skiing at Sunapee.

However some people just don’t have that favorite mountain. Brendan McCarthy said, “Well I can’t say I have a favorite spot, especially considering I have never been to the same mountain twice.”  Will Butler had to agree with Brendan McCarthy, he said, “I don’t really have a favorite place to ski, they’re all the same to me.”

Some people on the other hand have never even been skiing before. Jackson Sinnott said, “I’m going this weekend for the first time ever. I am really looking forward to it. I have always wanted to go but never got the chance because of conflicts with sports.”

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