Senioritis Strikes Seniors

By: Monica D.

Senioritis has officially struck Duxbury High School. Seniors throughout the school are slowly being accepted into their number one colleges, and as that dream creeps towards becoming an actuality their current reality becomes less and less appealing. defines Senioritis as a

As the acceptances roll in seniors struggle to keep focus
As the acceptances roll in seniors struggle to keep focus

“crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms include: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of sweatpants, athletic shorts, and sweatshirts. Also features a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude.”

The epidemic has hit Duxbury hard this year, even underclassman have taken notice. Junior Ginny W. said, “I’ve seen seniors become less focused on school and less motivated after being accepted to colleges.” However Senioritis has gotten a bad rap, not everything about this condition is harmful to seniors. Cammie S, sophomore, said, “They’re [the class of 2014] a lot nicer and more outgoing now. It is like they aren’t afraid to be themselves anymore.”

The class of 2014 has been surrounded by stress since the Common Application opened online in early August. Now they know that their hard work has paid off and their anxiety is gone, making it more difficult to stay focused in class. Senior Bella M. said, “I got accepted to my number one school, it was really exciting and I started planning for the future and had difficulty focusing on my current grades.” Bella’s classmate, Ainsley M.commented further saying “I’m forcing myself to try. The whole situation is frustrating, I’ve been trying because I was trying to get into college and now I’m in so whats the point of all the stress.”

At a halfway point through senior year even students who have not heard back from their number one colleges are finding it hard to focus. Senior Mike E.said, “ It is so hard to focus. Mostly because I literally cannot stress out anymore because I am so excited to go to college.” Senior Sabrina L. said “I’ve had it [Senioritis] since freshman year.” As freshman students the class of 2014 had a determined drive to make it to senior year, and now that they’ve made it their drive is lacking. Senior Meg M. said,”It is very hard to motivate yourself with college so close, but we still have to try.”

Senior’s are desperate for graduation day but when it really comes down to imagining their last day at Duxbury High School there are a lot of mixed emotions. Meg M. said, “It is sad to be leaving such a safe, positive environment but exciting to move on from here.” Bella agreed saying, “Graduation is bitter sweet. I can’t wait for college but its hard to think I won’t be with my best friends all the time.” Some of Duxbury’s seniors, however, are totally ready for college. Meg Z. said, “I want to spread my wings and fly. I’m going to do great things.” Mike said, “high school has been great but I won’t have a problem leaving it behind”. As exciting as the idea of college is seniors agree they will have to battle Senioritis over the next few months to get their successfully.

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