The Classic Winter Sport

By Hannah Alzaim

With winter well under way, pond hockey has become a popular pastime for many students here in Duxbury High School. The fun and carefree sport has entertained many for the past few weeks.

This fun and exciting game has been played for years and was made popular as early as 1825 according to the sihrhockey website. The sport of hockey has been and still is quite popular in the town of Duxbury, with generations of families of hockey players in this town.

Sophomore Kevin C said, ”I like it because you can just go out with your friends and play a pick up game. There is no stress and it’s fun to be outside.” Senior Bobby B said “Playing games at Island Creek with my friends is always fun, it is a competitive game but is a fun time to spend goofing off with your friends.

Games are often held at Island Creek pond and the bog behind Bennetts, and most commonly last all day. Junior Cam A loves to play a games at the Bennett’s bog until it is shut down, with friends.

Kevin C said ”It got popular because anyone can do it and even it you aren’t good at hockey it is still a fun atmosphere out on the ponds.” Julia N also said, “I love hockey and playing with friends. It is the perfect combo and I feel like so many people who don’t have the opportunity to play ice hockey or don’t have the desire to play on a competitive team get a taste of the sport in a fun manor.”

 Mrs. Malone of Duxbury High School

Picture of Duxbury hockey jersey Photo credit to Zoe Griffin
Picture of Duxbury hockey jersey Photo credit to Zoe Griffin

has been playing pond hockey for ages, and has always loved it. She said ”As a kid I use to love to skate, and play pond hockey. I grew up in upstate New York, and start playing at a very young age with the help of some training from my older siblings”

New England even has their very own pond hockey tournament on January 31st to February 2nd. According to the first puck dropped for the New England Pond Hockey Classic in February of 2010. Since then the NEPHC has become one of the most sought after Pond Hockey Tournaments in the country, with teams flying in to compete from all over North America, in only three years. Located in the resort town of Meredith, NH, the NEPHC offers participants a tournament experience unlike any other.


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