Cyber Setbacks

DHS student Olivia M. struggles to push the computer cart.

Duxbury High School students have had difficulties using the laptops during class, some changes are being made, but the majority of the problems will be solved when students arrive at the new school.

Small improvements have been made to fix the laptop carts and the Wi-Fi connection at the current high school. In the English wing the tech department changed the configuration on a large amount of the carts in order to get a faster log in. However, the new middle and high school facility is being built to be computer friendly, whereas the current building is not. Currently, there are only 43 Cisco wireless access points, six at the middle school but, next year there will be 175 wireless access points installed in the middle/ high school.  Network Administrator Mr. Hagan said, “We are going to limp along until the end of June. Next year in the new school the wireless infrastructure will have an access point in each classroom and in larger areas such as the library, there will be more than one access point.”

Out of fifty students interviewed, forty-five said that they have had difficulty using the laptops. Sophomore James G. said, “I always get the spinning wheel of death, half the computers are broken and sometimes it’s on the administrator account and you can’t log on.” Junior Colleen F. said she has experienced more problems with the older laptops. Freshman Mike G. said, “When too many [laptops] are out at the same time not everyone’s computer will work.

Students have also complained about the laptops disrupting a class. Senior Meagan H. said that if the computers are going too slow a teacher might decide not to teach a lesson. Sophomore Tess M. elaborated that point when she said one of her teachers got really frustrated when the laptops did not work and ended up doing something that was not originally part of the lesson.

Some teachers have also noticed the problem. French teacher Mr. Massicotte said, “there are occasional problems getting on the network, but it has been much better this term.” Latin teacher Mrs. Hart also said she had problems using the cart at the beginning of the year, but noticed they have been working better recently. “Any glitches are being fixed and everything in the new building will be built in,” said  history teacher Mr. Kennedy. He also said that his students wrote their midterm paper using the laptop cart and the laptops worked fine.

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