Breakfast Break Down

Sophomore Mike O. trying to quickly finish his breakfast before entering his class.

Finding a time to fuel up in the morning is important for students. The Duxbury High School’s Student Handbook states the food policy as, “Food and drink, generally, food, candy and drink should be consumed in the cafeteria. Food and drinks are not allowed in the Gymnasium, Library, or Auditorium. At the discretion of the classroom teacher, snacks may be eaten within the classroom. A teacher may decide to allow for food to be brought into the classroom for a special occasion, such as a pizza party.”

Senior Olivia Z. said, “Every morning I eat my Trader Joe’s mango Greek yogurt in the car on the way to school.” Junior Becky M. said, “I eat fruit and yogurt at my house, and then I pack toast to bring to school just in case I get hungry.” Senior Mike T. said, “I eat my fruit smoothie in the car.” When asked if Mike T. drinks coffee he said, “No, I am strongly against coffee.” Sophomore Evan B. said he enjoys his breakfast at home.

Students who do plan to eat their breakfasts at school are blockaded by teachers’ no food policies. English teacher Rebecca McLean, formerly Ms. Sargent, said, “I let my students eat in class as long as they don’t make a mess, although I get annoyed when they show up late to my class with breakfast.” Latin teacher Peter George said, “Students can drink their coffee in class, but there have been a few accidents. I generally don’t allow them to eat a sandwich or something but if it is a small snack I’m ok with it.” Science teacher Karen Benson said, “Students cannot eat in my class. They can have a drink, but only if it is closed.”

Teachers also tend to be strict about the consumption of coffee or tea in class. Olivia Z. said, “My teachers will let me drink my tea in class as long as it has a secure top on it.” Becky M. also said that she is allowed to drink her chai tea in all of her classes. School librarian Christy Miller, who eats her breakfast at home, said, “I support Breadboard by getting my coffee there in the morning. I feel that it is my way of giving back to the school.” Principal Andrew Stephens said, “I eat my yogurt at school. I bring a huge thermos of coffee from home and drink it in the car. Then at school I get another cup of coffee in the office.”

Despite the freezing winter temperatures, students have continued to drink iced coffee. Olivia Z. responded to this trend by saying “Whatever floats your boat, I like to drink coffee, but it makes me jittery.” Miller said, “No it’s not weird, iced coffee is an acquired taste.”

A popular breakfast spot in Duxbury is the Gunther Tooties bagel shop located in Halls Corner and it is frequented every morning by students. Miller said, “My favorite bagel from Gunther’s is a French toast bagel toasted with cream cheese.” Olivia Z. and Evan B. also agreed with Miller’s choice of a French toast bagel.

Students need their energy in order to thrive during the school day. Ms. Miller said, “I have no problem with students eating in class.” In addition Becky M. said, “Yeah we should be able to eat in every class. What if you have an issue like low blood sugar and need to eat?” Olivia Z. also commented that it is good for students to eat breakfast.

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