New Years Resolutions: Part 2

New Years Resolutions: Part 2

imageIn the spirit of the new year it has been the tradition formally at Duxbury High School to set new years resolutions in order to have a good start to the new year or simply to better your life. However, lately the tradition of setting resolutions seems to have been dying out. Whether people are forgetting the past tradition or are just being lazy and avoiding the whole concept, the new years resolution has become far less common.

New years resolutions seemed to be less common with students and younger generations. The significant amount of students asked about resolutions stated that did not make any. The common reason was because the resolutions always fall through eventually, so it seems pointless. Junior Baylee C. said she did not set any new years resolutions. And Pat G. said, “I don’t set any resolutions because I’m to lazy to get around to them.”

However, there was a small minority that did set resolutions. Sophomore Heidi S. said, “my new years resolution was to stop eating M&m’s.” She also said that it had been difficult to follow through with resolution. Heidi said that she was hoping to carry out the resolution until next year. Senior Angus G. said “ my new years resolution was to spend more time with my Grandmother.” Angus also said “the distance can make it difficult.”

Freshman Jack M. said his new years resolution was to get good grades. Jack also commented “I’m trying to work harder than last term.” He also said that he would like to carry this resolution out next year. Louisa D. set the new years resolution of going to the gym more often. She said that getting motivated to work out can be a struggle. Louisa  also said “I’m hoping to do it at least until summer.”

Mr.M set his new years resolution as attempting to travel more often. He also said that it is good to accomplish trips abroad. Mrs. H commented that she set a few different resolutions this year. Her resolutions were to paint more, stay away from social media on weekends, and stand up straighter. Mrs. H also remarked “hopefully they will become habit.”

Mr. K stated that he did set a new years resolution this year. He exclaimed his resolution was to run more often. Mr.K said, “ I’ve been able to do it, but the cold weather doesn’t help.” He said that he is setting this goal in order to take part in a race in Marshfield in march for the Marshfield education foundation.

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