Will Snow Ball’s Struggles End?

Maggie C. and Celia B. demonstrate their dancing versatility.
Maggie C. and Celia B. demonstrate their dancing versatility.

By: Mike O’Neal

In past years, the Duxbury High School Snow Ball was a major event. Senior Mike T. said, “Freshman year and sophomore year it was like a party. All the freshmen and sophomores would go and have a blast.”

According to students and teachers, Snow Ball used to be the talk of the school during winter and a fun experience for members of all grades. Junior Becky M. said, “Freshman year it was really fun because everyone went and a lot of the upperclassmen went.”

However, over the past few years the number of students attending Snow Ball has declined. Despite Mike T. and Becky M.’s encouraging words about freshmen and sophomore year, almost all underclassmen interviewed said that they did not attend Snow Ball for various reasons. One main reason was the new dance rule added to the handbook last year. Sophomore Connor H. said, “It’s totally a factor with my friends and with me, it’s definitely a factor.”

Becky M. said that fewer rules would increase the popularity of the dance and allow kids to just have fun. Sophomore Payton D. proved Becky M.’s point when she expressed her dislike of the highly regulated dance. Payton D. said, “I didn’t really want to go, it seemed really strict.”

The new dancing rules were also a source of discontent for Mike T. He said, “One of the ways we as teenagers express ourselves is through the grinding dance.”

The new rules also affected students indirectly. Junior Tara C. said, “They haven’t personally changed my decision, but when they play a part in one student’s decision it has a snowballing effect.”

In spite of such unfavorable feedback, members of the Duxbury High School Student Council are optimistic that there will be an improvement in the number of students attending Snow Ball over the next few years. Sophomore Class President Cammy S. had a positive outlook on the future of Snow Ball. The turnout for the dance this year was already a lot better than she expected, she said. She believes that the dance should not be abandoned because of the new rules. Cammy S. said, “Everyone should consider going, and try to think about the fact that you make it what you want it to be.”

As president, Cammy S. has made it a goal to bring back the popularity and hype that used to be associated with Snow Ball. She said, “For the next two years I will have in Duxbury High School after this year, I would love to add more to the dances. Things like a theme or prizes or competitions to make more of the dance would be top on my list.”

A few sports teams have been using school dances as a way to bond. Cammy S. said, “Sports teams have been starting to make snowball a team building event, and if we could get most teams to do this it would make more people a little bit more excited for the dances.”

Freshman Rachel K. was one of the many freshmen who attended Snow Ball. She said, “I just went to hang out with my friends so the new rules did not affect my actions.”

Student Council Advisor Ms. Sargent is also working hard to improve the reputation of Snow Ball. The price to buy a ticket for the dance has been lowered significantly in an effort to motivate more students to come. Sargent also plans to promote Snow Ball next year through Student Council and hopefully with the help of the upperclassmen. She said, “Next year we are going to just try to really sell it. We are going to rely on the other grades who have already done it to remember how fun it was and hype it up.”

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