Winter Sports Ignite

Freshman Baller glides in for the lay up.
Freshman Basketball player glides in for the lay up.

After a stellar fall sports season, winter teams are already on their way to clinching many playoff births. Girls Basketball, Boys Swimming/Diving, Girls Swimming/Diving, and Girls Hockey are all undefeated.

Alpine Skiing

Skiing is a big part of winter for many people in New England. Senior Caroline O said, “I started skiing when I was really young, like 2 or 3 years old, and I would ski with my family and then I first started ski team freshman year.” The ski team is always open for anyone who just has a love to ski. Sophomore Connor H said, “One of my biggest skiing accomplishments was placing 43rd in the JV ski meet last year.”


The girls basketball team is a powerhouse in Massachusetts. Junior Jackie S said, “My biggest accomplishment was going to south sectionals last year and we definitely are looking to make a deeper run this year.” The boys basketball team was coming off an unsuccessful past season and started off this year as overlooked. However as the season unwinds, the team has a record of 6 and 7 and a very good chance to make the playoffs. Senior Noah S said, “There is nothing better than proving all the haters wrong.” Jackie S said, “The biggest obstacle we have had to overcome is learning to play as a team. You have to learn how you fit into your role on the team.”


Cheerleading has always been in important in high school sports. Sports teams know that they can always count on the cheerleaders for support. Freshman Mackenna H said, “It’s a lot of fun going out there and supporting the Duxbury teams. We also get to be close up to the game too which is nice.”


Senior Captain Rachel M is looking to lead the girls hockey team to a fourth state championship. Rachel M said, “We’ve moved up to division one so the pressure is ten times as much as before.” Pressure has never been something a Duxbury team has given in to. The boys hockey is now 10-1-3 after starting off the season with three ties and a loss. Senior Drew H said, “This year we are bonding really well together, we have a great team chemistry and we are excited to see where we end up.”


The swimming and dive teams have been dominating for as long as people can remember. As soon as one walks in the gym the swimming and diving banner sticks out with league titles dating back to the 80s. Senior Mike T said, “Being a diver in Duxbury, the last thing you want to do is end the legacy. Everybody is always willing to give it all for the team.” Being fully committed all the time isn’t easy. Senior Jess G said, “During a set, besides the physician toughness of swimming, you have to be able to push yourself in the water because it’s easy to give up.” All the hard work and training does seem to pay off for Duxbury athletes. Jess G went for her all time bests at  5:37 in the 500 free and 2:45 in the 200 free at the sectional meet her sophomore year.


One of the toughest sports to participate in will always be wrestling. Junior Matt B said, “With all the weight classes and hard work in practice, it’s easy to give up. But knowing that your teammates are counting on you can allow you to overcome anything.” The hard work definitely creates a bond between teammates even if you didn’t know them before the season. Matt B said, “The wrestlers have an unexplainable bond. We go to many events together like musicals and then wrestling tournaments to cheer on the better wrestlers on the team. And we have the occasional team dinner.”


With all different types of event, track can be fun for all people no matter what their skill set. Sophomore James G said, “I didn’t really have any inspiration, I just love to run so I joined the track team.” The track team has all their meets at the Reggie Lewis Center where they can see all the other teams compete at the same time too. Senior Halle W said, “It’s fun to go out and participate in different events. There is always something going on, so it’s never boring.”

Sports have certainly had a big effect on an athlete. Mike T said, “Playing a sport  allows you to figure out how to deal with adversity. It is something that you can’t learn from school.” To get something in life, you are going to have to work. Nothing in sports ever comes easy. There is always someone out there that is trying to be better than you, and that’s what makes everyone else better.

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