Winter Wear

Duxbury High School Students showing off their winter outfits
Duxbury High School Students showing off their winter outfits

It is now the season of bitter temperatures. Inches of snow, slush, and salt cover the streets and walkways. Fall is officially over and all light jackets and capris are packed away. These are replaced with heavier and warmer clothes.Hair is being thrown up into messy buns or covered with hats. Clothing stores are promoting their lines of sweaters, pea coats, scarves, and winter accessories.

A variety of clothing trends have been noticed around Duxbury High School. Freshman Paige H. said, “Leggings are popular because they are comfortable and warm. Also Jojo earrings, vests, and a lot of cardigans.” As for the fashion of the guys, they wear mostly sweatpants, athletic jackets, and flannels, she said.

Sophomore Samara E. believes that people dress more for fashion because everyone is mostly inside during the day. If it is fashion, it is more about brand names rather than style. Her favorite outfit consists of Lululemon leggings and American Eagle shirts.

Other types of fashion have been seen around the DHS halls. Senior Jaime P. noticed a lot of geometric patterns, bright colors, and graphic t-shirts. Jaime told about her own individual style and said, “ I, myself, love clothing with animals on it, skinny jeans, and flannels.” In general, she believes that smaller groups of friends wear more unique clothing.

Sophomore Jay W. said he wears a mix between jeans and sweatpants. Regarding other boy’s fashion, he said, “ I usually see a lot of Vineyard Vines.” Duxbury boys tend to wear clothes that are comfortable rather than for fashion, unless it is for a special occasion, he said. Senior Peter C. has seen a lot of jeans, boots, pea coats, and ski jackets being worn around the school. Many guys, he said, “wear slightly oversized sweaters, flannels, and beanies.” Peter has also noticed different types of clothing for boys would either be guys who wear T-shirts everyday and others who wear khakis and dress shirts.

History teacher Mr.Alberti observed that students wear a lot of Uggs, Northface, and Patagonia clothes. He has not seen anyone wear anything “outlandish,” but saw some interesting hats last year. When it comes to an ideal winter outfit, Mr. Alberti said, “Somebody has to find something that is comfortable and warm for them. For the kids who stand outside at the bus stop is one thing and those who got dropped off its another thing.” For the most part he thinks students dress more for fashion rather than for the weather.

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