A Day in the Life of Mr. Stephens

D. Simard strolls into Mr. Stephens’ office.

By Mike O.

Duxbury High School principal Andrew Stephens seems to be in many different places at the same time. “Ones of the things I love about my job is that it is different every day,” said Mr. Stephens.

Mr. Stephens likes to start his days, when his schedule permits it, at around 4:30 AM in order to get a workout in before the day truly starts. Afterwards he is in charge of driving his two kids to school where he faces the challenges  that every DHS parent must also endure. Mr. Stephens said, “I end up waiting in long lines of traffic just like the parents here.”

At the beginning of each school day, after he arrives at school around 7:30, Mr. Stephens also does his best to get outside to direct traffic. Throughout the school day, he is never left unoccupied. Typically, there are pre-meetings, observations, and post-conferences that he must complete in order to evaluate the faculty. There are also system wide affairs such as a meeting regarding the placement review process. On top of the standard procedure, the new school being constructed has added a lot more to Mr. Stephen’s plate. He said, “There are the day to day operations here, but then the new stuff regarding the school adds another layer.”

Whenever he is not working on his daily endeavors, his attention is directed to different plans, meetings, and ideas about the new school regarding topics such as parking, furniture, and traffic control.

Mr. Stephens also makes time for the students. He tries to get to as many lunches as he can, although it is difficult with all of the new work he is responsible for. He has appearances at events like a recent band concert at which he gave an award to band teacher, Mr. Schmetterer. He even makes sure to attend out of school events such as the girls basketball game in Brockton.

Mr. Stephens makes sure to spend the bulk of his free time with his children. “Free time, if I have it, being with my kids is first and foremost,” said Stephens.

He also enjoys several hobbies, most of which involve physical activity. Mr. Stephens used to play basketball, but over time the sport wore down his knees and ankles. For that reason, he prefers swimming, skiing, and even golf, although he is very modest about his playing ability. Mr. Stephens said, “When I can try to exercise it helps a lot I find.”

During the summer, he has a boat that he likes to drive around Cohasset. In addition to athletics and boating, Mr. Stephens spends time reading at night. Generally, he selects one book of fiction and another one of intellectual interest. Finally, Mr. Stephens has to do his homework for the Northeastern doctoral program he is enrolled in, just like any student at DHS has to do theirs.

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