Exciting Electives

Student's working in Breadboard
Student’s working in Breadboard

By: Hannah Alzaim

Duxbury High School has a variety of classes that are geared towards the varied interests of its many students. The students spend each day anxiously anticipating their favorite classes. From handball in gym to cooking in Breadboard, students always have a fun experience in class. Sophomore Morgan D said “Electives are commonly everyone’s favorite classes because they are a time to relax but also work creatively.”

Senior Johnny C gave advice to underclassmen in choosing electives and said, “TV Studio is always an important class for freshmen to take in hopes to later expand and later take Dragon TV.” Junior Becky M also agrees with Johnny and said, “TV Studio is important to take freshman year, along with Student Chef so you can do Breadboard.”

Many students said that they wish DHS a study hall. Freshman Lillian F said, “I wish that Duxbury had a study block for everyone to take. Many students in the high school are very busy with school, sports and work and a class dedicated to completing homework and studying would be helpful for many.”

Duxbury does offer an Options class which teaches students how to manage their time, stay organized and allows for time to complete homework, but this class is only for students who received a recommendation from a guidance counselor.

With the addition of two new ELA electives many students are excited to be able to try something different and very useful. The school is now offering Skills for the Real World, an exploratory class that teaches how to properly send emails, set up a resume and many more real world skills. The second class offered is going to be The Perfect Crime:Detectives, Mystery and the Whodunit. This class will be a crime literature based and students will read many different types of mystery novels and also will study famous crimes.

All students interviewed showed interested in both classes and can not wait to see how they go. Sophomore Matt A said, “I plan on taking both of the new electives offered. I feel the Skills for the Real World will help prepare me for college, and The Perfect Crime will be a fun but effective class.”

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