Ice Cream or FroYo: Which Way to Go?

An original flavored Pinkberry with bananas and raspberries.
An original flavored Pinkberry with bananas and raspberries

By Celia B.

With spring fast approaching, frozen treats are beginning to regain their popularity amongst the Duxbury High School student body. The question is, frozen yogurt or ice cream?

In recent years, frozen yogurt has risen in demand. However, many argue that it is only a phase, doomed to die within the decade. The trend touched the South Shore in 2010 when Pinkberry, now an international fro-yo franchise, arrived at the Derby Street Shoppes. Since then, the number of shops designated solely to frozen yogurts has increased, and the market is getting competitive. DHS students have the choice of six different fro-yo places within a fifteen-mile radius, this amount threatening to surpass ice cream places should the fad persist.

However junior Julia F. isn’t worried. “Once summer comes back, ice cream will be back on top,” she said. Sophomore Heron S. agrees that ice cream has not yet met its match. “If I was given the choice between Dairy Twist and frozen yogurt,” she said, “I would choose Dairy Twist.” Sophomore Walt R. bases his pro ice cream viewpoint around a larger principle than just personal opinion. “I am in the ice cream business, and am therefore an ice cream man,” he said. Walt works at local ice cream shop, Scoop’s.

Beloved ice cream shops have been on the South Shore for generations, including Far Fars. Frozen yogurt destinations have only just emerged in the last decade, but DHS junior Olivia S. believes places such as Sweet Frog and CreYo to be “the new way to go.” Out with the old, in with the new?

Many have pointed out that most ice cream shops offer a frozen yogurt alternative to accommodate customers who are lactose intolerant, although the nationwide chain Dairy Queen extracted this option from the menu in recent years due to underselling. One roof may not be large enough for frozen yogurt and ice cream.

“The world is on a health kick,” Olivia said. “Ice cream is heavy and gross. Although frozen yogurt may have began as a phase, it will stick because everyone is becoming more health conscious.”

The health benefits of frozen yogurt are ambiguous depending on where it is sold. Pinkberry informed the public that a half a cup of yogurt is 100 calories, excluding the sugary toppings buyers can choose to add, namely chocolate chips, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and Oreo chunks.

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